ARVA ACTION XV Brynja fyrir krakka

16.900 kr. 8.450 kr.

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The result of a strong partnership between Xavier de Le Rue and the ARVA team, the Action Vest XV brings back protection to a new level in terms of fit and design. Shaped like a t-shirt, with new optimized back protection focusing on spinal injuries with a longitudinal plate combined with an adjustable belt makes you feel safe and does not limit your range of motion while riding.

  • Multifit absorption and distribution of the impact
  • Brand new impact protection zone combined with an adjusted belt
  • Stretch materials with an optimized pattern
  • Loose fit with a shirt shape
  • Anatomical support belt
  • Eco friendly : no print
  • Easy to wash by removing plates
  • Recco system
  • Standard : according to EN1621-2