ARVA NEO+ Snjóflóðaýlir

39.900 kr.

The NEO+ transceiver is the ideal tool for mountain professionals and the everyday backcountry enthusiast,
with its wide search bandwidth and enhanced functionalities.


  • Signal: Digital
  • Search bandwidth: 70m
  • Auto check: OK
  • Group check: OK
  • Marking function: OK
  • Mutiple victim indication: 4+
  • Frequence control: testing
  • Switch back to transmission: sensor
  • Interferences management: OK
  • U-turn alarm: OK
  • Updatable: OK

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Vörunúmer: ARNINEO3 Vöruflokkur


In its ongoing quest towards higher performance, the NEO has now evolved into the NEO+. With the NEO+, a new era begins for efficient and effective searches. Through innovative hardware design and software optimization, this new transceiver is capable of pushing the search strip width to 70 meters. The new version is also equipped with a movement sensor to automatically switch back to transmit mode as well as a new holster that allows you to carry your transceiver in search mode. The holster keeps your transceiver incredibly stable when worn and is specifically designed to protect the search button on your device for a higher level of safety when in transmit mode.

  • 70m Search Bandwidth
  • Auto Switch Back to Transmission
  • Interferences Management

    Bandwith corresponds to the size the area «scanned» by the searching device. The device’s search area increases as bandwidth increases. This criterion is often used to compare beacon performance.

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