Gríma Defender Svört

1.490 kr.

A face seal mask, the Defender provides protection from pollution such as smog and allergens such as pollen whilst giving you a comfortable fit. The mask will effectively filter particulates through double layer effect with an outer spandex layer providing breathability and an inner layer providing extra filtration and comfort. The face mask is reusable and has as been designed to be comfortable with ease of breathing

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Vörunúmer: PPE-BDF001 Vöruflokkur ,


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About Our Masks

The Defender masks are made with two standard layers. The outer layer made from an elastic, synthetic fiber to provide ease of breathing and the inner layer to provide comfort. Our masks have been designed and are being produced in Santa Ana, California. Each mask features binded edgings and soft ear loops for extra comfort.

Providing Comfort

The Defender captures 95% filtration of PM2.5 and the Defender Pro captures 95% filtration of PM0.3. Both the Defender and Defender Pro masks are washable and reusable, and the Defender Pro having a MERV16 rating.

• Face-seal mask providing a tight fit around nose and mouth
• Made in the USA
• Designed to provide comfort and ease of breathing
• Effective filtration through double layer
• Washable and reusable


MERV which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is mostly used for HVAC filtering. It is a way to express what particulate and at what efficiency are filtered.

MERV16  provides 95% filtration of 0.3micron particulates (or PM0.3).

PMxx stands for particulate matter followed by the size of the particulate in micrometer (micron or mm). So, PM0.3 means particulate matters 0.3mm in size. PM2.5 means particulate matters 2.5mm in size.

So, a filter providing PM0.3 filters out anything 0.3micron or larger while PM2.5 filters out 2.5 micron or larger particulates. The smaller the number following PM, the stronger the filtration.

PM0.3 cannot stop the virus per se, but it filters out most of the small aerosol which carry the virus (the virus is usually transmitted through particulate or aerosols).

Defender series does not provide 95% of PM0.3,but more like 80% of PM0.6 (80% of particulate 0.6micron in size or larger are filtered out) which is closer to surgical mask filtration. However, our masks (whether defender or pro defender) create a seal around mouth & noise and provide further protection.

Defender Pro vs Paper mask

A high quality paper mask provides 95% protection against PM3.0 while our defender pro provides 95% filtration of PM0.3 (i.e Defender Pro filters out particulates that are 10 times smaller than those filtered out by single-use paper mask).

Our masks provide a tighter seal around mouth and nose providing further protection

They are washable and reusable

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