BC 40 bakkmyndavél þráðlaus

29.900 kr.

Works with your compatible Garmin sat-nav to see behind your vehicle

  • Truly wireless backup camera uses 2 AA batteries1 (lithium recommended), and installs quickly and easily by snapping into the included number plate mount
  • Displays the BC 40 camera view on your compatible Garmin sat-nav2 display
  • Provides a wide, clear video image of what’s behind your vehicle3
  • Rugged and weatherproof (water-rated to IPX7) to withstand various road conditions
  • Voice commands can initiate the camera view when paired to a compatible Garmin sat-nav2

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Vörunúmer: 010-01866-10 Vöruflokkur


Installs quickly and easily

Installs quickly and easily — no drilling or wiring.
Attach the licence plate mount to your vehicle
and snap the camera into place.





No drilling or wiring

We eliminated the hassle of wiring this camera into your car’s power supply.
Just install 2 AA batteries1 (lithium recommended), and BC 40 is ready to go.





Control with your voice

You can use simple voice commands such as „Show video“
to initiate the BC 40 camera view.